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  Once my father was poor but by prudence and care,
He died just as rich as a Jew.
I was heir to his guineas, his cattle, his corn,
And the poor little cottage in which I was born
In the year eighteen hundred and two.

This is the only poem where Fenerty mentions something about his life. Though this poem is considered a typical 19th century ballad, it might contain some facts about Fenerty. So far no one really knows when Charles Fenerty was born. Records listing his name have not surfaced yet. The church where he was baptized and married are missing those records. No newspaper, so far, mentions his birth date. Family records are extremely limited; almost nothing on Charles Fenerty himself. One person, though, did mention in a letter to Dr Bruce Fergusson that Charles Fenerty was born in 1820. On his tombstone it says that he died on June 10, 1892 at the age of 71. This means that he could have been born in either 1820 or 1821. This poem does suggest that he was born in 1820. At the end of each stanza he says, "In the year eighteen hundred and two." I don't take that as 1802, that wouldn't be very poetic. I think he means 1800 plus two decades more, thus 1820. Research still continues to help prove this theory. The rest of the poem sounds very similar to his life. His father did died and leave him and his brothers a fairly nice estate. His father did go from a farmer to a saw mill owner operator, they had a small home with cattle, and Fenerty did die poor. His father died just before he left for Australia. Fenerty probably took his inheritance and left on his adventure, consuming everything in his journeys.
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