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Hid Treasure (Labours of a Deacon)
Canto I
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Passing Away (The Prince's Lodge)
Essay on Progress
Betula Nigra
Farewell to Australia
The Decline of Spain
Wreck of the Atlantic
Lex Talionis
The Saxon's Sentimental Journey
The Voyagers on Gennesaret
The Sentinel Rose
To a Meteorite
In Memoriam (James Montgomery)
Reason and Faith
Eighteen Hundred and Two
Keep the Heart Young
The Tao-Aspiring Poet
Passing On
Terra Nova
The Blind Lady's Request
A Lilt of Skibbereen
Patrician and Plebeian
In Memoriam (of a young friend)
To a Rich Miser
Early Piety
The Man of God
The Relic
Sir Provo Wallis
Battle of the Alma
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