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St.John's Church where Fenerty occasionally fill in for Rev. Ellis
There are four stanzas in this poem. The first stanza basically says that we must remember God in our youth and prime, and not when we become old because death is near. Too often that is the case. We enjoy life too much that we fail to give thanks (through faith, worship, and sacrifice) to God, till it's too late. The second stanza says that we must be careful of the devils whisper, "yield not to its charms" Those things that distract us in life are set there by evil so we give all our attention to ourselves and not God. The third stanza says that after evil has endowed us, and forgetting God, he'll turn us to other gods. And in the forth stanza he says that we must repent and turn to God, and our soul will be saved. Fernery probably wrote this poem in his later years (perhaps as a lay reader at the church), as a message to the youth.
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