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The connection between reason and faith seem to yield a contradiction: if one is to prove faith through reason, then there must be an understanding of God in the first place. In Corinthians, Paul tells us that knowledge was given to us by God. And in our limited source of understanding we effortlessly aim to prove God’s existence – in vain. Human’s ability to reason was given to us by God, human’s knowledge of God was not through man’s so-called wisdom, but rather God making Himself known to us. In the reality of knowing God and possessing an ability to reason, one might fall victim to believing that their faith in God is a product of a conviction nourished through human’s self-generated wisdom. We can reason because God gave us the ability. Faith, then, is something that following generations must employ; a ripple of God’s word passed to succeeding generations as an invitation in to God’s domain. Generations are becoming more and more clever through technology. With the advancement in communication and a growing global consciousness that is being fueled by rhetoric, our faith in God – and believing that all knowledge is the signature of God – grows dimmer. Reason and faith are two separate entities (as man and God are).

To soar to yonder starry skies
To reason’s power is given,
But faith and prayer can higher rise
And scale the gates of heaven.

This is a short poem about reason and faith. Fenerty believes that faith is something independent of reason, he believes that to have faith in God one must do what God has asked through the knowledge granted to us.

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