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“Oh gold ! what potent powers are thine,”
“Thou demigod, almost divine!”

In 1858 Charles Fenerty leaves his community and travels to Australia. He goes there to look for adventure and to write for a local newspaper. During his time in Australia he writes several poems, one of the is his three part cantos called Hid Treasure. The poem is basically about a group of mates who decide to look for Captain Kidd's treasure. But for Fenerty it's a test of faith and how far one goes for greed.

It's not known if the poem was actually written about him, but probably there was some truth to it. He spent a lot of time in the fields, as others did too. Later on he travels to New Zealand and starts a sheep farming business. But more of less he's involved (either through writing or in business like others). The first canto is where everyone agrees.